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13 de mayo de 2013

Volunteer field assistant: Behav Ecology (Cameroon)

**VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT** for population biology and behavioral
ecology fieldwork in CAMEROON, Sept. through Dec. 2013

We are seeking a field assistant for three months (mid-September through
mid-December) to help with a host-parasite mimicry study on the brood
parasitic indigobirds and their hosts the estrildid finches. Fieldwork
will be centered around a small town in central CAMEROON. The objective
of the study is to gain an understanding of the evolution of mimicry
between the parasite nestlings and the host nestlings in sympatric
species. Fieldwork will include nest searching, song recording and
mist-netting birds.

Applicants must be willing and able to walk long distances in very hot,
dry weather and to tolerate rustic accommodations. Previous field
experience with birds is a plus. Assistants must provide their own
airfare to Cameroon, however travel within Cameroon, room, and board
will be provided.

Please email a cover letter that addresses your qualifications for this
position, a CV with undergraduate GPA, and contact information for 3
references. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue
until position is filled.

Email materials and questions to Allison Lansverk,

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