Graduate student positions in insect sexual selection, behavior, and evolution (Florida, USA) ~

30 de septiembre de 2013

Graduate student positions in insect sexual selection, behavior, and evolution (Florida, USA)

Graduate student positions in insect sexual selection, behavior, and evolution at the University of Florida starting Fall 2014

The successful applicant will integrate field and laboratory based research on sexual selection using the leaf-footed cactus bug, Narnia femorata. In these insects, males have exaggerated hind femurs that they use to compete on cactus territories. Females fly into these territories to mate, feed, and lay eggs. Both males and females have mate preferences that are context-dependent according the quality of the cactus territories. The student will have considerable freedom to choose a research direction in this outstanding research system.

More information on the lab and research can be found at

Applicants should be motivated, independent, and have previous biological research experiences. Excellent grades and scores will be an advantage.

The University of Florida has a strong community of evolutionary biologists (  Prospective students have the option to apply to the Entomology Program (, Interdisciplinary Ecology Program (, or Genetics Program ( Application materials should be submitted by January 1, 2014 for full consideration for fellowship opportunities. Potential funding sources include University fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.

Interested prospective students should contact Dr. Christine W. Miller ( well before January 1st. Applicants should have research interests that are well-matched for the lab. Include with your email the following: 1) a statement of the kinds of research questions that you would like to pursue and why they are a good fit, 2) a brief overview of your previous research experiences, 3) CV or resume, 4) GRE scores (if you have them), 5) an unofficial transcript.

Information about Gainesville, Florida:

Situated in the rolling countryside of north central Florida, Gainesville is much more than a stereotypical college town. Home of the University of Florida, seat of Alachua County's government and the region's commercial hub, it is progressive, environmentally conscious and culturally diverse. The presence of many students and faculty from abroad among its 99,000-plus population adds a strong cross-cultural flavor to its historic small-town Southern roots. Its natural environment, temperate climate and civic amenities make Gainesville a beautiful, pleasant and interesting place in which to learn and to live.

Time and time again, Gainesville has been tapped as one of Florida's most liveable cities and ranked among the leaders in the United States - a reputation created by an exceptional combination of local features. Agreeable weather and lovely landscapes, attractive educational and economic opportunities, varied cultural and recreational resources, and a youthful, energetic ambiance all contribute to the standard of living enjoyed by area residents.

Christine W. Miller
Assistant Professor

Mailing address:
University of Florida
Entomology & Nematology Dept.
Steinmetz Hall, 970 Natural Area Dr.
Gainesville, FL  32611-0620
Phone:   (352) 273-3917
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