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24 de octubre de 2013

Volunteer field assistant position in cooperative breeding parakeets (Ecuador)

We are looking for a highly motivated field assistant for our study
on the cooperative breeding system of the El Oro parakeet (Pyrrhura
orcesi). Our work focuses on the variability in cooperation among helpers
and the factors shaping group size and the development of cooperative
breeding in this species. In addition, we are involved in working for
an ecological corridor. This corridor will connect several cloud forest
patches to allow for more genetic exchange between parakeet populations.

The fieldwork will take place in the Buenaventura reserve
(www.fjocotoco.org) near Pinas, southwest Ecuador. The parakeet occurs at
an elevation of 800 to 1300 and most nesting sites are only accessible
by foot. We monitor the nest boxes with video cameras that need 12V
batteries with a weight of 8 kg as a power source. Therefore applicants
should be willing and able to perform long and exhausting daily walks with
heavy equipment across the foothills of the Andes. Further activities
include capturing parakeets with mist nets and inside artificial nest
boxes, taking morphometric measurements and blood samples, and field
observation of parakeet flocks. The breeding activities of the El Oro
Parakeet coincide with the rainy season, which means that we often have
to work in the rain. Our normal work load is about six days per week,
but we need to be flexible and adjust our work to the activities of the
parakeets. The busiest time will be in February and March.

The costs of an international flight and accommodation at the reserve can
be covered by the project; further payment is not included. If required,
a letter of recommendation can be issued for the volunteer. Please apply
only if you are able to participate in the project for at least three
months in a row between December 2013 and April 2014. Applications for
a shorter period of time may be considered only if the applicant does
not require reimbursement of travel expenses.

To apply (CV & short application letter) or enquire further information
please contact:

Michael Bauer
University Freiburg, Biology I
Hauptstrasse 1
D-79104 Freiburg



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