Graduate Student Positions in Population Genomics and Evolutionary Ecology (Canada) ~

10 de noviembre de 2013

Graduate Student Positions in Population Genomics and Evolutionary Ecology (Canada)

Positions: MSc and PhD graduate student positions are available in the
Department of Biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
working on the ecology, evolution, and conservation genomics of Atlantic
salmon and Atlantic cod. These projects are part of a collaboration
between Paul Bentzen (Dalhousie University) and Ian Bradbury (Fisheries
and Oceans Canada [DFO]). The successful candidates will join a team of
researchers conducting research on similar themes in a variety of marine
and freshwater organisms.

The projects will entail use of next generation sequencing approaches to
resolve signatures of adaptation across genomes and populations, and the
use of molecular tools in mixture analysis and assignment. The research
will combine applied scientific goals, such as developing advanced
tools for fish stock delineation, with the opportunity to investigate
basic scientific questions such as adaptation to climate and fishery
induced evolution. These multidisciplinary projects will offer training
in state of the art genomic tools and techniques as well as experience
in both university and government laboratory environments. Graduate
students will have access to excellent laboratory facilities, including
an in-house next generation DNA sequencer, as well as technical support
in the field through DFO staff.

Qualifications: Honours degree or equivalent in biology (for an MSc
position) and an MSc or equivalent (for a PhD position), and strong
interests in molecular ecology and conservation biology. Experience in
genomics or analysis of next generation DNA sequence data would be an
asset but is not essential.

Application: Please email Paul Bentzen ( (1) a letter
describing your interest in this position and your previous research
experience, (2) a recent CV.

Paul Bentzen

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