Post-doctoral position: ecology of ethanol production (New Zealand) ~

9 de noviembre de 2013

Post-doctoral position: ecology of ethanol production (New Zealand)

School of Biological Sciences
University of Auckland
New Zealand

For two years in the first instance. Starting Feb 2014. Applications
should comprise a CV and covering letter, with any supporting
documentation as appropriate. Closes 24th Dec 2013.

The ecology of ethanol production
This is an exciting opportunity to conduct research concerning the
ecology and evolution of yeasts in relation to alcohol production
during fermentation. This work will be part of a program seeking to
produce high quality, naturally produced lower alcohol wines. This
position will fuse fundamental research investigating the ecological
and evolutionary drivers of alcohol production by S. cerevisiae, and
how intra- and inter-species interactions may modulate this trait, with
applied work to understand how this trait may be reliably manipulated
by the NZ wine industry.

Candidate specifications
The successful candidate will have a PhD in Biological Sciences, ideally
a PhD in an area fusing microbial ecology, evolution and genetics.

* Conduct independent research.
* To adhere to contract research timelines.
* To collaborate with multi-disciplinary team of chemists, plant
  physiologists, sensory scientists, marketing specialists and NZ wine
* Coordination of communication of findings to research partners and the
  NZ Wine industry in written and oral forms.
* Author, or co-author, publications arising from research in refereed
  journals of international repute, as well as industry publications.
* Disseminate research results at national/international academic
  conferences and national/international industry forums.

The successful candidate will have experience with microbiological
techniques. Ideally the candidate will have a strong background in ecology
and evolution (particularly intra and inter species interactions),
experience with yeast growth and fermentation, yeast genetics and
biochemistry and some experience with metabolite analyses (especially
ethanol). The ideal candidate will have a good grasp of the statistical
analyses of ecological and evolutionary data.

This role requires an independent results driven candidate who can
deliver. This role fuses fundamental and applied science. Thus, the
candidate must be operate in an interdisciplinary manner and able to
understand and communicate experimental concepts and data from both
these perspectives. The candidate must be able to work with collaborating
staff in NZ wine companies. The ideal candidate will be a critical and
independent thinker. In particular, the candidate must be mindful of
contract timelines and ensure results delivery. One area of key importance
is the ability to work with collaborating wine companies when conducting
larger scale ferment trials. This will require flexibility and travel
around NZ and periods away. Interpersonal skills and commercial acumen
are highly desirable.

All travel to, and permits for work in, New Zealand are the responsibility
of the candidate.

All enquiries and applications to Dr Matthew Goddard -


Dr Matthew R Goddard
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

Office: +64-9-923-9537
Mobile: +64-21-2420397

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