Post-doctoral research at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town (South Africa) ~

28 de noviembre de 2013

Post-doctoral research at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

Project:  Analysis of expanding urban raptor populations using long-term
data sets

We invite applications for the above one-year, full-time research
opportunity at the FitzPatrick Institute, a world-renowned, national Centre
of Excellence (CoE) in ornithological research with a strong emphasis on
postgraduate studies.

The successful applicant will have access to two long-term raptor studies
which have been carried out on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. Firstly, a
25-year study of the Peregrine Falcons (1989-ongoing) carried out by Dr
Andrew Jenkins and secondly, a 13-year monitoring study of the Black
Sparrowhawks (2001-ongoing) principally collected by Ann Koeslag. During
both studies, populations have increased dramatically (from <10 50="" p="" pairs="" to="">pairs over the period of study).

Annual monitoring data includes recording of territorial occupancy,
population size, site fidelity, turn-over, breeding success and
productivity. Both studies have colour ringed a large proportion of the
adults and juveniles, thus providing information on life time reproductive
success and other data only obtainable with individually marked populations.
Additionally we have dietary information for both populations and blood
samples have been collected for a number of years. We have robust survival
estimates for both populations and we have some information on home range
use of the Black Sparrowhawk.

There is considerable flexibility in the scope of the research, dependent on
the applicant’s interests or skills, although the successful applicant will
be expected to make use of the existing long-term data sets and to submit a
number of papers for publication in top international journals within the year.

Funding is secured for a R140 000 CoE bursary (tax exempt) for one year and
adequate project running costs (w.e.f. January 2014).

Support and supervision will be provided by Dr Arjun Amar and Dr Res
Altwegg, and by Dr Andrew Jenkins for the Peregrine data and Anne Koeslag
for the Black Sparrowhawk data. Applicants must have completed their PhD in
a relevant subject within the past five years, have strong analytical skills
and a good publication record for the current stage of career.
To apply, please send a CV (including your academic record, publication list
& the names and contact details of three referees) plus a short motivation
letter and an outline of how you would use these data to answer questions of
interest to the your areas of expertise to Hilary Buchanan at Informal enquires can be directed to Dr Arjun

For more information on the FitzPatrick Institute visit

Closing date: 20th Dec 2013

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