Postdoc: Evolutionary ecology of parasite co-infections (Finland) ~

29 de noviembre de 2013

Postdoc: Evolutionary ecology of parasite co-infections (Finland)

Postdoctoral researcher position at University of Jyväskylä, Department
of Biological and Environmental Science, Finland


We are looking for candidates to fill a postdoctoral position in a
project exploring responses of parasites and their hosts to multiple
parasite species and genotype infections. The position is funded by the
Academy of Finland.

Wild hosts are typically infected with a range of parasite species
and genotypes of one species at the same time. This has significant
implications for parasite-parasite interactions (one factor underlying
parasite virulence) and for host's ability to defend itself against
infections. These associations may also be subjected to considerable
variation depending on the stage of a parasite life cycle. This is
particularly true for parasites with complex life cycles that include
several consecutive hosts with different conditions for co-infections in
each. However, very little is currently known about these interactions
in natural host-parasite systems. Currently, we focus on

· the role of antagonistic and facilitative parasite interactions in
shaping co-infection dynamics

· the role of host responses in determining the outcome of multiple

· the influence of spatiotemporal dynamics of host-parasite
interactions on patterns of parasite community assembly

Considerable latitude in specific research questions will be given
according to personal interests of the candidate.

As a study system we use mainly trematodes with complex life cycles
including multiple consecutive host species.

A successful candidate will have a PhD in evolutionary biology, ecology,
parasitology, or related field. We are seeking for a highly motivated
person with problem solving skills, experience of experimental work, and
a record of successful publications.

We offer stimulating working environment in an international Department
that houses several internationally
recognized research groups and the Centre of excellence in Biological
funded by the Academy of Finland.

· Application deadline: 20 December 2013

· Starting date: immediately but negotiable

· Duration of the position: 2 years with a possible extension

· Salary: 3000-3500 Euros per month depending on the qualifications of
the candidate. Health insurance and other benefits are included.

Send a brief letter of motivation, CV, list of publications, and contact
details of two references as a single PDF to Dr.Anssi Karvonen
( For more information visit

Dr. Anssi Karvonen

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