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8 de noviembre de 2013

Volunteer field assistant position to study oxidative stress in relation to social status in house sparrows (Switzerland)

We are seeking a research assistant for the upcoming breeding season to
join a project investigating the impact of oxidative stress and social
status on the development of reproductive strategies in house sparrow. The
research will be conducted in Bern, Switzerland. The work will start on 1st
of April and will continue through early/mid July.
Our project investigates how males with different positions in a dominance
hierarchy allocate their antioxidant resources to the protection of their
sperm vs. the protection of their somatic functions, and how such
allocation strategies affect the quality of the sperm they produce. The
project is based at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland (PI Prof.
Fabrice Helfenstein, PhD student Alfonso Rojas), but will be conducted at
Hasli, Bern, Switzerland.
The work of the volunteer will consist of carrying out an experiment in
aviaries with house sparrows. This includes assisting the PhD student with
catching and banding birds, behavioural observations, sample collection,
data management and data analysis. During the conduct of the experiment we
work 7 days a week and 10-12 hours a day.

(1) BSc or higher in Biology or similar qualification
(2) Ability to work and live in small groups and sociable personality
(3) Fluent in English
(4) Ability to endure long working days
(5) Knowledge in observing & handling birds is a plus
(6) Driving license is helpful
Basic knowledge of German is helpful although not essential

This is a volunteer field assistant position, thus the applicant should
cover his/her own accommodation and food. Travel expenses might be covered
for european applicants, and a possible stipend could be granted at the end
of the season.

Applications - including a CV and a letter of motivation (1 pg.) - should
be send to both:
Fabrice Helfenstein: fabrice.helfenstein@unine.ch and
Alfonso Rojas: alf.roja@gmail.com
Please use "Volunteer Assistant in Switzerland" as the subject and note
your availability during this time period in the body of the e-mail.
Applications received until 9th of December 2013 will be given full
For further information on the lab & project, see:

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