Ecology Postdoc with Jonathan Levine at ETH Zurich, Switzerland ~

14 de diciembre de 2013

Ecology Postdoc with Jonathan Levine at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Ecology Postdoctoral Position in Jonathan Levine’s group at ETH Zurich

A two year postdoctoral position in ecology is available in the research
group of Jonathan Levine at ETH Zurich, with a flexible 2014 start date. In
collaboration with Levine, the successful candidate will develop a project
combining empirical and theoretical approaches to explore questions in plant
population and community ecology.  The research focus is flexible and those
with plant, non-plant, or theoretical backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Research in the Levine group focuses on three general problems: (1) the
maintenance of species diversity in communities, (2) the determinants of the
success and impacts of biological invasions, and (3) plant community
responses to climate change.  Our coexistence projects explore how
individual variation, community drift, plant traits, and phylogeny influence
the outcome of competitive interactions.  Our invasions projects explore the
role of landscape patchiness, rapid evolution, and genetic variation in
influencing invasion success. Our climate change projects ask how changing
competitor identity influences plant species response to warmer climates,
and how phenological shifts with climate change alter population
trajectories and opportunities for coexistence.  All projects combine
empirical approaches with mathematical theory to achieve their aims.

The postdoc will have the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in Europe,
California, and elsewhere. Work-related interactions will be in English. The
Levine group currently includes five postdoctoral researchers, one graduate
student, and three project managers.  Outstanding research groups at ETH
Zurich and the adjacent University of Zurich
offer numerous opportunities for
interaction and collaboration.  Also in Zurich are WSL- the Swiss Federal
Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, WSL, and Eawag- the Swiss
Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

Your application includes a research statement including one to two
paragraphs describing the type of projects of interest, a curriculum vitae,
and the contact information for three references. Application review will
begin January 13, 2014, and continue until the position is filled.  To
submit your application, visit

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