Paid Summer 2014 Insect Internship, St Louis, MO, USA ~

13 de diciembre de 2013

Paid Summer 2014 Insect Internship, St Louis, MO, USA

Washington University’s experimental Ozark glade project is looking for a
paid summer intern to study the effects of restoration on insect diversity
in a rare habitat.

Tyson Research Center is a 2,000 acre ecological laboratory owned by
Washington University in Saint Louis, MO (
The experimental Ozark glade project at Tyson began in 2010 with the
restoration of nearly 25 acres of a rare, unique habitat in Missouri, Ozark
glades ( Glades are
dry, short-grass prairies, and house many rare, endemic plants and animals,
such as prickly pear cactus and tarantulas. This habitat was nearly lost due
to fire suppression in the Midwest, but recent restoration efforts have
begun to bring it back. The experimental Glade project is the first to
empirically assess the process of glade restoration. We ask questions such
as: how do plant and insect communities change during the process of
restoration, and why do rare species do poorly in small, restored habitats?
Our main goal is to develop recommendations to better create and maintain
biodiversity in restored glades.

Our primary research goal for summer 2014 is insect community monitoring. We
extensively sampled three insect groups in 2011, beetles, true bugs and
ants, on both our experimental glades and natural glades in the region. We
will do so again in 2014. We are currently looking for a student intern with
a strong interest in insect biology to join our summer research team.

The intern’s primary responsibilities will be to conduct the field sampling,
morpho-species identifications, and analyze the changes in insect
communities during the process of Ozark glade restoration.

•currently enrolled in a Bachelors degree in Entomology, Biology or a
related field
•have had basic introductory courses in ecology, entomology and preferably
•be able to work out doors, in intense heat and humidity for long periods of
time, and be regularly exposed to ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes

Position Details:
•must be available to work for 11 weeks from May 12 – July 25, 2014,
although the specific start and end dates can be flexible
•Tyson Research Center is located in Eureka, Missouri; housing is NOT provided
•stipend will be $4,000 for the 11 weeks

Apply online at and list GLADE
INSECT PROJECT as your topical interest. Please direct questions to Holly
Bernardo at

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