Graduate (MS) Assistantship in Amphibian Ecology, John Carroll University (USA) ~

28 de enero de 2014

Graduate (MS) Assistantship in Amphibian Ecology, John Carroll University (USA)

The Department of Biology at John Carroll University is accepting
applications for funded teaching assistantships in Biology at the master’s

The Anthony/Hickerson research lab anticipates openings beginning in fall of
2014. Funding includes a full tuition waiver and competitive stipend.
Drs. Anthony and Hickerson have two distinct research areas:

1) We are interested in the ecology and evolution of color polymorphism in
red-backed salamanders, Plethodon cinereus.

2) We are also interested in how terrestrial amphibians interact with large
invertebrates (e.g. centipedes, spiders, earthworms) in temperate forest
floor food webs.

Recent publications from our lab can be found here
( and here

If you are interested in applying, please contact Carl Anthony
( or Cari Hickerson ( directly by 15

Please include your interests and relevant experience in your email. More
information can be found on the JCU Department of Biology webpage
( and on the Anthony/Hickerson research
website (

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