Bird bander volunteers in Victoria, Australia ~

11 de febrero de 2014

Bird bander volunteers in Victoria, Australia

Looking for bird banders. Eastern Yellow Robin in Victoria, Australia.
Experience with blood collection
We are following up the leads by a recently published paper (Pavlova et al.
2013; Evolution doi: 10.1111/evo.12107) that describes the occurrence of
two very divergent haplogroups in Eastern Yellow Robin across the Great
Dividing Range in Eastern Australia.
Recently we collect some samples across a transect in the blue mountains
(NSW) and found that the transition zone is VERY sharp. This opens exciting
research opportunities for evolutionary and conservation genomics.
We are looking to replicate the transect down in Victoria, ideally
somewhere between Traralgon and Shepparton. We are of course looking for
keen volunteers as the project does not have (currently) any money
allocated for salaries. But most expenses are of course covered. A-class
and experience with blood collection are required.

If you're interested, know of anyone that might be interested, or want to
know more about the project; please send me an email.

*Hernán Morales*
PhD candidate
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University, Melbourne
Clayton Campus
3800 Victoria, Australia
Ph: +61 3 99053844

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