Job Title: Experienced Avian Field Research Assistant ~

7 de febrero de 2014

Job Title: Experienced Avian Field Research Assistant


An experienced avian field research assistant is needed for a study on how
the fear of predators affects the survival of newly fledged song sparrow
young located on the beautiful Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia,
Canada. Applicants must possess the ability to visually identify and follow
coloured banded passerines. Applicants with experience nest searching and
performing behavioural feeding observations of passerine birds will be given
priority.   A valid driver’s licence and experience with outboard motors are
definite assets. The position is from Apr/May-Aug 2014 (start and end dates
are flexible). Salary is $1500 CAN per month, and all camping fees for
accommodation at the Southern Gulf Islands National Park are provided. Other
duties may include radio tracking fledglings, video camera surveillance,
deploying protective equipment to prevent predators gaining access to song
sparrow nests, and maintenance of wildlife traps.


The successful applicant must be able to identify and follow colour banded
passerines with binoculars.  Provide a list of birds (per species) you have
experience with identifying colour banded individuals.

Application Instructions:

The deadline for application is March 21, 2014.  Please include a letter of
interest that highlights your nest searching and bird sighting experience
(i.e. reading colour band combinations on passerine with binoculars).  Also,
include your C.V. and names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
of three references to be contacted.  Indicate your relationship with each
reference (e.g. supervisor, lecturer, etc.).  Send your application to Dr.
Liana Zanette: .  Please put "sosp field assistant job" in
the subject line.  For more information on the work I do in my lab, please
see my webpage:

Thanks again,

Marek Allen

Ph.D. Candidate
Western University
Department of Biology

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