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19 de febrero de 2014

Opportunity for a Ph.D. study in Evolutionary Ecology of Arctic charr in Iceland

Hólar University College (Prof. Bjarni K. Kristjánsson and Prof. Skúli
Skúlason), seeks a Ph.D. student to study *the importance of egg size for
diversification of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)*.

In nature, considerable phenotypic diversity occurs at multiple levels:
among and within species, populations, and among siblings. Understanding
the determinants of phenotypic variation and their consequences for
performance remains a challenge for evolutionary biology. One potential
source of diversification is egg size mediated maternal effects. However,
understanding of how egg size affects offspring performance and
diversification among wild populations is limited. Here, we use polymorphic
Arctic charr as a model system and ask: 1) Does egg size contribute to
adaptive divergence of populations? And 2) to what extent do maternal
effects interact with gene expression in embryos and juveniles? We will
quantify variation in egg size and egg number, among and within replicated
charr populations that differ in their degree of sympatric divergence. We
will combine diet manipulation experiments with cutting edge molecular
genetic tools to test for the interactions between egg size and offspring
environment and between egg size and gene expression. This study presents a
novel approach to understanding the factors responsible for shaping and
maintaining biodiversity.

An ideal candidate has solid knowledge and interest in evolution,
development and genetics and experience of fieldwork. The student has to be
able to work independently, as well as a part of a larger group both in the
laboratory and in the field. A M.Sc. degree is mandatory. The working
language is English.

Location: the student will be located at Hólar University College and
registered at the University of Iceland (Reykjavik). The Department of
Aquaculture and Fish Biology at Hólar University College, in Skagafjördur,
North Iceland, is an international center for research, instruction, and
continuing education in aquatic biology, aquaculture, and fish biology.
Part of the laboratory work will be conducted at the University of Iceland.

The project is a collaboration between Hólar University College, the
University of Iceland (Dr. Zophonías O. Jónsson, Dr. Sigurður S.
Snorrason)and EAWAG, Switzerland (Dr.  Katja Räsänen), and is funded
for three years by The Icelandic Science Foundation - Rannís. The
position will be filled as soon as a good candidate is found (target
date 1. May 2014).

Applicants should send an application letter with a max. 1 page statement
of research interests and relevant experience, curriculum vitae with a list
of publications (if any), copies of academic qualifications and the names
and e-mail addresses of three referees, as a single pdf file to Bjarni K.
Kristjánsson (bjakk@holar.is) before *March 31 2014*.

For further information contact Dr. Bjarni K. Kristjánsson, Professor and
Head of Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology Hólar University College

*bjakk@holar.is *

Phone:+354 4556386

Dr. Bjarni K. Kristjánsson,
Deildarstjóri fiskeldis og fiskalíffræðideildar /Head of department of
Aquaculture and Fish Biology
Sviðsstjóri kennslu- og framhaldsnámssvið/Director of divisions of academic
and graduate studies
Hólaskóli - Háskólinn á Hólum/ Hólar University College
Hólar í Hjaltadal
Phone: +354 4556300

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