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5 de febrero de 2014

Volunteer Field Assistant - fairy-wren project, Papua New Guinea

Website: http://karubian.tulane.edu
Location: Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
Duration: 2.5 months; Late May -early August
Job Type: Temporary Job

I am seeking one or two field assistants for a research project on the behavioral ecology of the White-
shouldered Fairy-wren in Papua New Guinea. White-shouldered Fairy-wrens exhibit a fascinating
pattern of variable female ornamentation: in some populations females are heavily ornamented
(similar to males) while in other populations females are drab or intermediate. The field assistant will
assist with monitoring a color-banded population that includes highly ornamented females in Milne
Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Possible tasks include mist netting, color-band re-sighting, nest
searching, and audio recording. The field site is located in a small, remote village on the north slope
of Milne Bay Province. Living conditions are very basic, with no electricity and little outside contact.
Bugs, rain, high temperatures, crocodiles and venomous snakes are all present on site. The village is
located on the beautiful, calm Solomon sea and backs up to the eastern extent of the Owen Stanley
Mountain Range. Housing and food will be provided on site, but the applicant will be responsible for
travel to and from Alotau, Papua New Guinea. Position duration is approximately June-early August.
Application Deadline: Applicants will be reviewed as received.

To Apply:
To apply: Please send a resume, contact information for three references, and a cover letter to ERIK
ENBODY (EM: eenbody@tulane.edu). Feel free to contact Erik with any questions you might have. Visit
karubian.tulane.edu for more information about our lab at Tulane University.

Applicant must be comfortable working in harsh tropical conditions, be highly motivated, hold a valid
international passport, have a good sense of humor, and able to work independently. Previous tropical
bird research experience, mist-netting and banding experience are all preferred.

Number of Openings:2

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