PhD opportunity on pollinator conservation and ecosystem service (Spain & Australia) ~

19 de marzo de 2014

PhD opportunity on pollinator conservation and ecosystem service (Spain & Australia)

We are looking for a motivated student to apply for a PhD fellowship to work with Dr. Romina Rader (University of New England, Australia) and Dr. Ignasi Bartomeus (Estacion Biologica de Doñana, Spain) on pollination ecology.

Interested candidates will need to secure an Australian competitive scholarship for their stipend.  To be competitive, applicants will require an honours Class 1 or 2a OR a masters by research in ecology or environmental science and/or peer-reviewed international journal publications. Operating expenses up to 15K are available to the student.  Scholarships are open to all students: citizens of Australia or New Zealand can apply for domestic scholarships (closing date 30 Sep 2014); international students can apply for the IPRS scholarships (closing date 30 August 2014).

The project will investigate the importance of landscape composition and resource availability in structuring pollinator communities.  The project will use a range of field and experimental methods to understand the role of species identity in pollinator interactions, and how they are mediated by landscape habitat configuration.  We will utilize novel analytical tools from network theory to bring landscape ecology one step further. The research is expected to have both theoretical and applied outcomes concerning the ongoing debate of land-sharing/land sparing and the management of ecosystem services in modified landscapes.

The student will be based in Armidale, Australia and field work will be carried out in a range of different habitat types across Australia and will also be expected to spend several months in EBD-CSIC, Sevilla, Spain throughout the duration of the project. While the project concerns pollinator within modified landscapes, there is plenty of scope for interested candidates to pursue their research interests and develop independent avenues within the topic.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a letter of motivation with your ideas to Romina and Ignasi and we can help you prepare a solid project that will maximise chances of funding. In the first instance, please contact Romina Rader to discuss scholarship requirements and Ignasi Bartomeus to discuss project ideas

Romina Rader email; Ignasi Bartomeus email

-University of New England Scholarship details and website for Australian and New Zealand citizens
-Scholarship details for international students (non-Australian or New Zealand citizens)

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