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10 de julio de 2014

2 postdocs in fungal symbiosis and taxonomy (Florida, USA)

The Forest Entomology and Symbiology team at the University of Florida is
seeking TWO POSTDOC fellows:
Postdoc 1: FUNGAL TAXONOMY. Discover and describe lots of new fungal
symbionts of insects using culturing, multi-marker genotyping, and imaging
technology of your choice.
Postdoc 2: FUNGAL METAGENOMICS. Characterize communities of fungal symbionts
inside beetles using high-throughput shotgun sequencing of fungal ribosomal

Our team studies the symbiosis between wood boring insects and fungi
(www.ambrosiasymbiosis.org). Our projects range from fundamental research on
coevolution to management of invasive pests in the world’s forests. Our team
is young, growing, and heavily multidisciplinary – join us! Both postdocs
will also collaborate with the UF Mycological Herbarium, the UF Forest
Pathology lab, and the UF Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology

Apply by email to hulcr@ufl.edu with the subject header “Symbiosis postdoc
2014”, and specify which project you are interested in. Please submit your
CV (include evidence of ability to get projects finished and papers written)
and contacts to three most recent supervisors.
Start: any time during the Fall of 2014.
Application deadline: July 20, 2014
Thank you!

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