Assistant/associate professor in plant ecology (Netherlands) ~

21 de julio de 2014

Assistant/associate professor in plant ecology (Netherlands)

Utrecht University’s Ecology & Biodiversity Group investigates the
mechanisms that regulate biodiversity and allow for the maintenance of
ecosystem functioning in our changing world. We pay special attention to
above- and belowground species interactions, spatial processes from local to
landscape scales and community assembly following dispersal and
colonization. We seek to obtain process-based, mechanistic understanding of
species interactions and functional responses in order to predict the future
impacts of climate and land-use changes on biodiversity and ecosystem
functions such as carbon sequestration and biogeochemical cycling.
The integrated research mission of the Ecology and Biodiversity group is
“Understanding and predicting biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a
changing world.”

The Ecology & Biodiversity research group looks to advance its integrated
research program
) with the appointment of an enthusiastic and


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Application deadline: July 27th 2014

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