Graduate Research Assistantships (USA) ~

3 de julio de 2014

Graduate Research Assistantships (USA)

Institution:  Environmental Science & Management Program, Department of
Biology, Sacred Heart University
Location:  Fairfield, Connecticut

Job Description:  We invite applications for four Graduate Research
Assistantships for the spring and summer 2015 (March through September).
These positions are funded by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, CT Sea
Grant, and DuPont Company.  Two research positions will focus on the
population dynamics of horseshoe crabs in Long Island Sound.  Research
assistants will participate in research projects examining the distribution
and abundance of juvenile horseshoe crabs, egg viability, hatching success,
nest community ecology, and development of larval horseshoe crabs. Two
research positions will focus on the effects of climate change and the
restoration of coastal habitat from both the abiotic and biotic perspectives
at Stratford Point in CT.  GRAs will work closely with a team of students,
professors, engineers and conservationists to collect baseline data.  GRAs
will assist in the collecting data on aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate
diversity, plant diversity, fish diversity, bird diversity, water quality,
changes in sediment deposition and characteristics.  We will also be
planting native woody plants and controlling the spread of invasive species.

Qualifications:  Full time students currently enrolled in Environmental
Science & Management, Professional Science Master’s program at SHU (Fall
2014 open for enrollment) and in good academic standing:

Support: Research Assistants will receive a stipend (~$8,000-10,000).

Application: Currently accepting students for fall 2014: please send resume,
cover letter detailing relevant experience, and contact info for 2
references to Professor Mattei (

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