PhD in human language and bird song (Netherlands) ~

24 de julio de 2014

PhD in human language and bird song (Netherlands)

PhD Positions in the Dutch Research Consortium 'Language in Interaction' (1,0 fte)
Application deadline: 30 September 2014
We are looking for highly motivated PhD candidates to enrich a unique consortium of researchers that aims to unravel the neurocognitive mechanisms of language at multiple levels. The goal is to understand both the universality and the variability of the human language faculty from genes to behaviour.
All information concerning the positions and how to apply can be found here:
One of these positions, involving an animal behavior component and of interest to behavioural (neuro)biologists, is the following:
Perception of multidimensional sounds in humans and birds: Are speech categories special?
Humans are remarkably skilled at extracting various types of information from the speech signal, such as phonemic categories and speaker identity. Unclear is whether these dimensions are represented in different higher-order modules; whether and how these modules affect basic aspects of categorization; and whether these properties are unique to human speech perception or represent a more general property also present in non-human animals, which was utilised for the evolution of human speech. In this project we address these questions by comparing humans with songbirds using similar tasks and stimuli, combining psychophysics with fMRI.
This position will be held at Tilburg University (human behavioural research - Prof. Jean Vroomen). Parts of the project will be carried out at the Institute of Biology, Leiden University (bird research – Prof. Carel ten Cate) and University of Maastricht (human fMRI – Prof. Elia Formisano).
Requirements:Candidates should have a Research Master’s degree (or equivalent) in biology, cognitive neurosciences, or a related discipline. A background in biology, neurosciences, and/or experimental psychology is highly valued. They should also have an active interest in comparative studies. Previous experience with bioacoustics or studies on the perception of speech is desirable, but not mandatory.
Applications from excellent candidates with a less than ideal profile will be equally considered.
Contact information concerning this PhD position: Prof. Jean Vroomen

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