Post doctoral fellowship in Evolutionary Biology (Brazil) ~

24 de julio de 2014

Post doctoral fellowship in Evolutionary Biology (Brazil)

Project title: Modularity and its evolutionary consequences
Working area: Evolutionary Biology
Principal investigator: Gabriel Marroig
Unit/Instituition: Instituto de Biociências/USP
Deadline for submissions: 05/08/2014
Publishing date: 17/07/2014
The Instituto de Biociências, located at the Universidade de São
Paulo (USP), seeks candidates to fill a post-doctoral scholarship
from FAPESP -  The research area includes:
the study of modularity (genetic and phenotypic) in bats and their
evolutionary consequences for morphological diversification in the group.
The candidate should preferably have a database on morphometric data
already collected in a representative group of bats with enough diversity
and phylogenetic scope to allow analysis of modularity and the evolution
of characters mean based on a comparative framework.  The candidate should
also have a solid foundation in statistics, quantitative genetics,
evolutionary biology and have notions of comparative analysis and
programming.  This position will be under the supervision of Associate
Prof. Gabriel Marroig. The candidate must be interested in working in
collaboration with other researchers and postgraduate students within
the research group.  The applicant must submit by August 5, 2014 to a text explaining their research experience and
interest in the area as well as an updated resume containing names and
contact information of three reserachers who can provide professional
references about the candidate.  The candidate will be selected by the
analysis of the documentation and the position is open immediately to
implement the fellowship.

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