Postdoc in Population Genetics, Conservation Genetics & Phylogeography (Portugal) ~

12 de julio de 2014

Postdoc in Population Genetics, Conservation Genetics & Phylogeography (Portugal)

One Postdoctoral Fellowship is available at CIBIO (,
University of Porto, Portugal, in the field of population genetics and
phylogeography, under the Program ON2.

Candidates should have a solid research background in the interface
between population genetics/genomics, phylogeography and conservation
biology, as well as experience in fieldwork. They should master molecular
biology techniques including genotyping (microsatellites) and sequencing,
preferably using both Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing procedures,
and be familiar with multiple and commonly used population genetics
software tools. Topics to be developed during the Post-doc include but
are not limited to i) analysis of population structure and relevance
for conservation, ii) analysis of hybrid zones using multiple types
of molecular markers in spatially explicit contexts, iii) genetic
differentiation of populations and description of hidden biodiversity,
particularly possible new species or subspecies, iv) identifying genes
or genomic regions associated with incipient speciation processes,
v) understanding of the domestication process and the genes/genomic
regions underlying it. Projects can include a variety of species, both
model and non-model organisms. Candidates should have a PhD in biology,
preferably a minimum of 3 years of Post-doc and solid background in the
field. They should have a good publication record in SCI journals in
this area. Candidates should be good communicators, and speak and write
fluently in English.

The ranking of candidates will result from a global appreciation of the
Curriculum vitae, possibly followed by an interview. The Fellowship will
correspond to 1450€ per month (free of taxes). The contract will end
on the 30th of June 2015.

Applications are open between the 15th and the 31st of July 2014.

Applications should be sent to and will
include a motivation letter, a detailed CV and the email contact of
three referees. The jury is composed by: Dr. Raquel Godinho, Dr. Paulo
Célio Alves and Prof. Nuno Ferrand de Almeida. Dr. Natália Dias is a
substitute member.

The selected candidate is expected to start immediately after
selection. Candidates will be informed about the result of their
application by email.

Job Reference: ON2 _ CIBIO_FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-000030

Natália Dias
Executive Coordinator

Natalia Dias <>

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