Postdoc RNA evolution (Florida, USA) ~

5 de julio de 2014

Postdoc RNA evolution (Florida, USA)

We are currently recruiting a talented postdoctoral researcher to lead a 3-year NSF-funded project examining the functional evolution of RNA interference across animals and plants.

The project will include an exciting mashup of phylogenetic analysis, ancestral sequence reconstruction, structural dynamics modeling, and molecular kinetics, so it should be fun. The overall objective is to characterize how key RNAi genes functionally diversified in animals and plants,  with an eye toward understanding structural mechanisms and identifying possible convergence.

Experience in RNAi, phylogenetics, structural modeling and/or molecular biochemistry will be looked upon favorably, as will evidence of creativity and scientific rigor.

If you think you might like to contribute to this project and would like more details, please email a CV and 1-page description of your relevant research interests to me.


Bryan Kolaczkowski

Department of Microbiology and Cell Science
University of Florida

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