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6 de agosto de 2014

2 postdoc positions in phylogenetics (USA)

The CW Dick and SA Smith labs (EEB Department, University of Michigan) are seeking to fill two post-doctoral positions as part of an NSF funded “Geogenomics” project. The goal of the project is to use phylogenetic data from Andean and Amazon plant groups to test hypotheses pertaining (especially) to the uplift history of the Andean region. A computationally-oriented post-doc will primarily analyze published data within an open source tree-of-life framework; an empirically-focused post-doc will perform de novo phylogenetic analyses of select Andean-Amazon plant groups using genomic and transcriptomic tools. There are possibilities for South American field work and interdisciplinary collaborations with geologists, ecological modelers, and paleontologists. If interested please send a statement of interest and CV to cwdick@umich.edu.


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