PhD in early animal evolution (USA) ~

18 de agosto de 2014

PhD in early animal evolution (USA)

Scott Nichols¢ lab <> at the University
of Denver is accepting applications from graduate students for admission in
September 2015. We primarily use sponges and choanoflagellates as research
models to address fundamental questions about early animal evolution. In
particular, we are interested in questions related to the evolution of
multicellularity and animal body plan diversification. Current projects
range from studies of cell adhesion and developmental morphogenesis, to
comparative genomics and gene expression. Students are encouraged to
develop their own research ideas.

The University of Denver (DU) is located minutes outside of the urban
center of Denver, which is a vibrant city on the edge of the Rocky
Mountains. Cultural, culinary, and outdoor opportunities abound. Many
students choose to live within walking distance of the campus and there are
excellent public transportation options including a municipal bus system
and a light-rail system. The closest remote mountain areas and ski resorts
are within a 45 minute drive.

Students are guaranteed full tuition offset, health benefits, and a
competitive living stipend for either two (MS) or five (PhD) years. Because
DU is a private, non-profit institution, there are *no additional fees for
out of state or international applicants*. Prospective applicants and first
year students are also strongly encouraged to apply to the NSF predoctoral
fellowship program (deadline Nov 4, 2014), and I am happy to discuss this
option with you in advance.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers both a Masters and PhD
program, and students are invited to apply to either. The department does
not offer a laboratory rotation system in the first year, instead
successful applicants are admitted directly to the research laboratory
where they will work. I often encourage students to enter the Masters
program initially, because it is possible to transition to the PhD program
at the end of the first year if desired. To learn more about the
application process, please go to the Department of Biological Sciences
homepage <> and read
under Degree Programs

Applicants should contact Scott Nichols directly at
well before the January 1st (2015) application deadline. Please provide a
brief description of your background and interests and your reasons for
considering the Nichols lab for graduate training.

Scott Nichols, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
2101 E. Wesley Ave
SG Mudd #288
University of Denver
Denver, CO 80208

lab homepage:
phone: 303-871-5658

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