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12 de septiembre de 2014

2 MS/ PhD in Plant Ecophysiology (USA)

The Rosenthal lab in the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology at Ohio University in Athens is looking for 1 or 2 independent, motivated graduate students who are interested in pursuing an MS or a PhD in Plant Ecophysiology.The successful applicants are expected to develop a thesis or dissertation
addressing a topic within the context of one of the two broad questions

1) How is the legacy of acidic deposition altering carbon dynamics in
Northeastern deciduous forests?

2) How will climate change modulate plant invasions in Northeastern forests?

The first project will take place within an ongoing long term forest
nutrient manipulation experiment established several years ago. The latter
will take place in forest sites throughout the region. Both will probably
require demanding field work in less than ideal conditions (winter and
summer). A willingness to tinker, experience using IRGA's, LAI meters,
field instrumentation and sensors (dataloggers etc) is a plus. An interest
in tree climbing could be beneficial but is not required.

Highly qualified applicants who have completed their degrees by December
2014 could begin as early as January of 2015. To be considered for January
admission a complete application must be received before November 7th, 2014.

Please contact me via email rosentha_at_ohio_dot_edu prior to submitting an
application or if you have any questions.
Application instructions can be found here:
David M Rosenthal
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental and Plant Biology
309 Porter Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH, 45701
740 593 0792


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