Phd: Genetic basis of mate choice in bats (UK) ~

5 de septiembre de 2014

Phd: Genetic basis of mate choice in bats (UK)

Funded PHD opportunity:The genetic basis of mate choice in bats.
Supervisor - Dr Stephen Rossiter (
Deadline: 14 September 2014, start January 2015
We are looking to recruit a PhD student for an ERC-funded project on mate choice in wild horseshoe bats. The student will study a UK population, in which parental combinations are known to be non-random and male paternity success is skewed. Mate decisions might be based on overall relatedness between partners, or on specific genetic profiles. For example, data from other taxa indicate MHC loci are important, although currently little is known about MHC diversity in bats.
For this project the student will combine parentage and pedigree analyses based on neutral and functional genetic markers. This project will also involve collaboration with colleagues from the University of Bristol and Queen Mary University of London. Training will be provided in molecular methods (DNA isolation, PCR, sequencing, microsatellite genotyping, genome data assembly) and statistical analyses (pedigree construction, population genetics analyses). The student will also assist with some fieldwork.
Applicants should have an interest in evolutionary genetics, and excellent academic qualifications. A BSc degree in a biological subject (1st or 2i, or equivalent) is essential and an MSc degree is highly desirable. A driving licence would be useful.
Email your CV, the names of two academic referees and a cover letter to:
Dr Stephen Rossiter (
Lab details:

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