Postdoctoral Researcher in Molecular Taxonomy (University of Oulu, Finland) ~

23 de septiembre de 2014

Postdoctoral Researcher in Molecular Taxonomy (University of Oulu, Finland)

A full-time post-doctoral position is open in the field of Molecular Systematics in a research group led by Ph.D. Marko Mutanen in the Biodiversity Unit of the University of Oulu, Finland.
The University of Oulu is an international scientific community, with 16 000 students and approximately 3 000 employees. The strengths of the University are wide multidisciplinary study/research interests and modern research and study environment and good cooperation with international educational and research institutes. More information

This project applies state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing
technology (next-generation sequencing) and genome-wide analyses to
seek answers to poorly understood but repeatedly reported phenomena in
mitochondrial DNA, particularly the DNA barcode region (COI). The research
will focus on examining e.g. evolutionary causes of DNA barcode sharing
between species, deep intraspecific splits in mtDNA and species-level
para- and polyphyly in mtDNA gene trees using Lepidoptera (butterflies
and moths) as a model group. Moreover, the project also concentrates
on a large-scale and difficult taxonomic challenge of delimitation
of allopatric populations. The results are anticipated to provide new
insights into problems related to species delimitation, DNA taxonomy and
other fundamental questions of taxonomy. The project will be conducted
in collaboration with a broad international team of leading experts of
Lepidoptera systematics.

A successful applicant must have a Ph.D. degree and should have
previous research experience in the field of molecular taxonomy
and/or phylogenetics. Expertize and practical skills in DNA barcoding,
genetics, genomic data analyses, next-generation sequencing techniques
and bioinformatics are highly appreciated, though a successful applicant
does not need to be an expert in all these fields. An applicant should
be highly motivated, ready to commit themselves to the project, and have
good skills in English language.

The position will be filled November 1, 2014, but negotiable (however,
latest January 1, 2015). Duration of the position is three years with an
option to additional 10 months. The salary will consist of basic work
demand level (5 – 6) and personal performance level (up to 46.3 %
supplement to the basic level). In practice, the salary will be about
3,200 € per month (equals to about 4,276 US Dollars, 4,659 Canadian
Dollars and 2,562 British Pounds as based on currencies in 15 August,
2014) at the start. Health insurance and other benefits are included. A
moderate amount of teaching in courses may be required.

Application, including attachments (brief letter of motivation, CV and
publication list required, contact details of two references recommended),
should be submitted using the electronic application form by 6.10.2014
at the following address:

in Finnish:

in English:

For further details, please contact:
Project leader Marko Mutanen (e-mail: marko.mutanen(at), telephone:
+358 294 481256)

Head of Administration Tiina Pääkkönen (e-mail:
tiina.paakkonen(at), telephone +358 294 481051)

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