Awesomely fun herp opportunity for undergrads or recent B.A./B.S.(USA) ~

13 de enero de 2015

Awesomely fun herp opportunity for undergrads or recent B.A./B.S.(USA)

Student Research Experience Opportunity: Herpetology
U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center

We anticipate hiring a current undergraduate student or recent B.A./B.S.
graduate to work on various projects investigating amphibian and reptile
ecology and population biology at sites in Louisiana and Texas. This
position is temporary, and will begin as early as February and last until
the end of the field season, which is usually around August.

We expect this Student Services Contractor to help with various project
activities including but not limited to: nighttime and daytime surveys for
amphibians and reptiles; daytime trips to service froglogging devices;
accurate and neat data collection and data entry; data management and
summaries; literature searches; field gear organization and maintenance.

The student must be able to travel on a regular basis, as much of our work
involves overnight (Mon-Thurs) travel to east Texas and southeast
Louisiana. Individual trip duration will vary from 1 night to 4 consecutive
nights. The student will be exposed to year-round field conditions
including extremes of temperature, humidity, and rain. In addition, field
work involves long days/nights traversing through swamps, streams, and
other wetlands. Many field work days are in excess of 8 hours, sometimes
not returning to the hotel/Wetlands Center until 2 a.m. or later. Many
field locations are in remote areas with snakes, alligators, bees, wasps,
mosquitos, and spiders. The student must be comfortable with catching
amphibians and reptiles (excluding venomous snakes and alligators). The
student must also be comfortable riding in boats and canoes, and wading in
waist-deep waters. Previous experience with identification of southeastern
amphibians and reptiles by sight and call (frogs and toads) is helpful, but
not required.
In order to be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled as an
undergraduate student OR have graduated with an undergraduate degree within
the past year.

To apply for this position, please send the following information to Hardin
Waddle via email (
1. A cover letter explaining your interest in the position
2. A resume
3. The contact information for two professional references

Please send this information in an attachment via email with the following
subject line: Application - Student Research Opportunity. A single
attachment is preferred.

Review of applications will be ongoing and continue until the position is

For questions, contact Hardin Waddle (
Contact Person
Hardin Waddle
Contact eMail

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