Field Course in Ecology in Costa Rica ~

23 de febrero de 2015

Field Course in Ecology in Costa Rica

The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) is currently accepting applications for the 2015
fundamentals course "Field Biology: An Ecological Approach". The priority deadline is March
1st, so please apply now or spread the word to prospective and current graduate students
who might be interested.
Scholarships are available for a select number of students.

***To apply and for more information, please see the OTS webpage below.***

This course is a great opportunity for students to learn new research approaches and
perspectives in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology while exploring diverse ecosystems
throughout Costa Rica. With guidance from 15+ research scientists, students will gain
experience in critical thinking, research design, data analysis, analytical tools, and science
communication—all in a beautiful tropical setting.

We hope to see you this summer!

Mary Jamieson & Hollis Woodward (Course Coordinators)

Note: Applications should be submitted by e-mail simultaneously to one of your institution’s
OTS Delegates and to the OTS Costa Rica Education Program (guiselle.castro @ The
website above includes further details.

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