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13 de marzo de 2015

2-year postdoc in ecology (Switzerland)

Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is a Swiss-based and internationally networked aquatic research institute within the ETH domain (Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology). It is committed to the ecologically, economically and socially responsible management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems.

We invite applications for a 2-year postdoctoral position to conduct research on

Effects of climate change mediated environmental stress on natural populations

Global climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and intensity
of extreme weather conditions, such as summer heat waves. The effects of
such extreme weather events on natural populations may, however, depend on
their interactions with other stressors, such as natural enemies and
chemical pollution. However, current understanding of the effects of
multiple stress interactions in the face of climate change is limited.
Moreover, understanding the ecological impacts of these stressors at both
the population and ecosystem levels requires knowledge on their long-term
consequences for individual performance and life-time fitness, as well as on
contribution to ecosystem functioning. We aim to understand such
consequences of climate change using a freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis as
a model. The specific aims of this postdoc project are to experimentally
test (1) the interacting effects of high temperature, chemical stress and
parasitism on organismal performance, (2) their long-term consequences on
survival and lifetime fitness, and (3) the role of the above effects on
ecosystem processes that snails mediate through consumer-resource interactions.

The main selection criterion for this position is scientific excellence. The
ideal candidate has a solid understanding of ecological theory, experience
from environmental chemistry, as well as conducting laboratory experiments.
A PhD degree in biology or related area is mandatory. The successful
candidate will be working in a multidisciplinary research group having
members at the Department of Aquatic Ecology (Eawag)
(http://www.eawag.ch/forschung/eco/index_EN), the Department of
Environmental Chemistry (Eawag)
(http://www.eawag.ch/forschung/uchem/index_EN), and the Institute of
Integrative Biology (ETH Zurich) (http://www.ibz.ethz.ch/). The project is
linked to the cross disciplinary project EcoImpact
(http://www.eawag.ch/forschung/fsp/osf/ecoimpact/index_EN), which
investigates ecological effects of micropollutants on freshwater ecosystems.
Eawag offers a highly stimulating international working environment, ample
opportunities for collaboration, and excellent research facilities. The
salary is competitive. The position is situated in Dubendorf (near Zurich).

Applications have to be submitted online using the link below.
The applications need to include a cover letter (explaining research
interests and relevant experience), a curriculum vitae, publication list,
and the names and contact details of three academic references as a single
PDF file. Deadline for applications is March 26, 2015. For enquiries about
the position please contact Otto Seppälä (otto.seppaelae@eawag.ch).

Starting date: May 1, 2015 (or soon after)

We are looking forward to your application.

Dr. Otto Seppälä (Dept. of Aquatic Ecology, Eawag/Institute of Integrative
Biology, ETH Zurich; research team leader)
Dr. Katja Räsänen (Dept. of Aquatic Ecology, Eawag)
Dr. Christian Stamm (Dept. of Environmental chemistry, Eawag)
Dr. Francis Burdon (Dept. of Aquatic Ecology, Eawag)

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