Master thesis with sharks (Miami, USA) ~

30 de abril de 2015

Master thesis with sharks (Miami, USA)

Dear Interested MS students,
Based at the University of Miami, we are seeking applicants for a Masters thesis focusing on immunology in sharks.

Projects will focus on the relationship between stress, inflammation, and immunocompetence in South Florida shark species. Student projects will include identifying and measuring appropriate biological indicators in shark samples obtained through field surveys.

Preferred applicants should have a BS degree in biology, biochemistry, or any other related biomedical degree. Laboratory experience in immunology, molecular biology, or cell biology is desirable. Additional experience in serum protein analysis, gene expression, hematology, and/or tissue culture techniques would be particularly applicable for this position.

Prospective students should have strong recommendations, sound research experience as well as possess strong quantitative, written and communications skills.

MS students are expected to have their own financial support in terms of tuition and living expenses, unless they have fellowships or scholarships. Research costs will be supported by the graduate advisors. See here for MS graduate school details:

If you are interested in applying for this position and meet the above criteria, please send a brief letter describing your interest and qualifications to:

Neil Hammerschlag and Liza Merly



_Neil Hammerschlag, Ph.D._
/Research Assistant Professor/
Rosenstiel Marine School (RSMAS) | Abess Center (CESP)
/Director,/ R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program
University of Miami

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