PhD in genomics in extreme environments (UK) ~

3 de abril de 2015

PhD in genomics in extreme environments (UK)

Project title: Genome-scan methods for identifying genomic regions
involved in adaptation to extreme environments

Supervisors: Oscar E. Gaggiotti (School of Biology, University of St
Andrews) and Janine Illian (School of Mathematics & Statistics University
of St Andrews)

Climate change can lead to extreme climate and weather events
with dramatic negative impacts on both natural and domesticated
species. Therefore, there is great interest in identifying genetic
variants that may allow species to adapt to extreme environmental
conditions. The field of population genomics addresses this problem
by screening genome-wide patterns of DNA polymorphism to detect the
locus-specific signature of positive selection. The objective of the
doctoral project is to contribute to this emerging field by developing
state of the art statistical methodology and a novel genome scan method to
uncover associations between genomic regions and environment variables
(e.g. temperature, aridity) from the joint analysis of population
genomics and environmental data. The focus will be on spatial and
spatio-temporal Bayesian methods implemented using the Integrated Nested
Laplace Approximation (INLA).

We are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic, and independent student
interested in studies at the interface between statistics and population
genomics. Candidates must have a strong background in statistics and
an interest in population genetics and computational biology. They
should also be proficient in English. The focus of the project is on
statistical developments and data analysis so it does not include any
lab or fieldwork.

Interested candidates should send CV, statement of interest and names
and contact information of three references to with
the subject header PHD POSITION.

Oscar E. Gaggiotti
Professor, MASTS Chair
Scottish Oceans Institute
East Sands
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 8LB

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