Postdoc in comparative genomics (South Africa) ~

16 de abril de 2015

Postdoc in comparative genomics (South Africa)

A post-doctoral position in comparative genomics is available in the Evolutionary Genomics Group, Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University to investigate the genomic structure of
evolutionary breakpoint regions in mammals.

Our recent data suggest that the number of meiotic DSBs (initiated in the early stages of meiosis) and final crossover events are influenced by how the genome is organized into chromosomes.  Here we extend this work by inferring recombination rates in evolutionary breakpoints that define chromosomal rearrangements by focusing on two index species with available SNP data, human and mouse. The rationale for this approach is that high-density single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can be used to produce high-resolution recombination maps using linkage disequilibrium (LD) patterns which are good estimators of the location of recombination events in progeny. It has been argued that rates of recombination might vary considerably between species when comparing high-resolution (kb) recombination maps but these differences disappear at a broader scale (Mbp) where closely related species tend to have similar average rates of recombination. It is our intention to combine SNP data with whole-comparative genomics in order to infer recombination rates and
investigate signatures of selection.

Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant area (evolutionary biology, genomics, bioinformatics or genetics). We are looking to appoint  an enthusiastic postdoc with a strong interest in evolutionary biology that includes a background in population/statistical genetics. Requirements are a competitive publication record and skills in programming.

The incumbent will work closely with researchers in two other groups:

Dr Aurora Ruiz-Herrera (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, ( and Professor Jiri Rubes (Veterinary Research Institute, Czech Republic) but will be located in the Stellenbosch lab. The appointment is for one year with the possibility of renewal contingent upon satisfactory progress.  This position is available immediately.

Expressions of interest should be sent to Terry Robinson ( and should include the names and contact details of 2-3 referees, a full CV and a covering letter that highlights the appropriateness of your expertise and why you are interested in the position.

Professor Terence J. Robinson
Evolutionary Genomics Group
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 808 39 55
Fax: +27 21 808 24

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