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10 de abril de 2015

Volunteer Research Assistant in Turtle Conservation (Costa Rica)

Asociación LAST offers a limited number of positions to work as a Research Assistant (RA) in its Sea Turtle Conservation Projects.
We currentlly are recruiting interns for two different projects  - in water turtle studies, in Penisular de Osa,  and leatherback nesting studies on Pacuare beach

This position is perfect for internships and field work placements.

This job is done voluntarily by the RA’s and no salaries or stipends are paid. However, RA’s are considered to be part of the project staff and have specific duties to carry out that not every volunteer does. RA’s learn during their stay hands-on conservation work with the sea turtles, and how to manage them and lead volunteers during their field work. In other words, they are an important link between LAST and short term volunteers specifically trained for that.
Depending on the previous experience and skills of an applicant, it will be decided whether the costs of lodging and food will be covered by LAST or if the assistant will be asked to pay $10 or $5 per night.
Each RA will be responsible for his own travel expenses to the project site in Costa Rica. Also, the RA's should cover other extra expenses like camera, lodging, special food and drinks and transportation to and from the project
The RA's should:
• Be 20 years of age or older and in good physical condition.
• Be fluent in the English and Spanish (advanced) language.
• Have an educational background (undergraduates or graduates) in Biology, Marine Biology, Resource
Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Education, Veterinarian Medicine, Wildlife Management,
Oceanography, Zoology and/or experience in working with Sea Turtles.
• Be willing to a firm commitment to work three months in the project.
• Be interested in sharing his/her knowledge and to stimulate in the volunteers the interest for sea turtle protection and the conservation.
• Be a responsible, hardworking, communicative, and enthusiastic person.
• Capable to live in very rustic and basic living conditions and under adverse climatic conditions. Usually it is very hot with 100% of humidity, frequent rain and very heavy sometimes. With lots of mosquitoes and/or sand flies plus the risk of Dengue fever.
• Be a tidy person.
• Be proactive, sociable, open minded and flexible.
• Preferably with first aid certificate

to apply please send a motivational letter of intent to:

for more information on LAST:

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