MSc project in behavioural ecology of Seychelles warblers (Seychelles) ~

11 de mayo de 2015

MSc project in behavioural ecology of Seychelles warblers (Seychelles)

Scientific background: The Cousin Island population of Seychelles warblers has been the centre of a long-term longitudinal study for over twenty years and is currently being used to answer questions relating to ageing,
immunity and the evolution of social behaviour. The island of Cousin (27 ha) is a special reserve that hosts around 320 warblers, which are almost all colour banded.

Project details: We are seeking a motivated and adventurous MSc student to undertake a fieldwork-based project on Cousin Island for a period of three months. As part of ongoing data collection, the student will collect biological samples and behavioural data. Behavioural experiments designed to investigate the effect of predation on incubation behaviour are currently being planned; these can form the basis of the MSc project.

The successful candidate will be an enthusiastic fieldworker who can learn to work independently and is content on a remote island with very basic living conditions. Some kind of field experience with birds is essential, and experience with handling birds is preferable.

This project is a collaboration between researchers at the University of Groningen and the University of East Anglia, UK. 

Supervisors: Frank Groenewoud & Jan Komdeur Fieldwork dates: between July – September [2.5 to 3 months; exact dates TBA]

Application deadline:  May 31st 2015

Interested candidates can send an email to or

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