PhD in molecular biology (Germany) ~

24 de mayo de 2015

PhD in molecular biology (Germany)

Role of radiation-induced activation of the hyaluronic acid system for cellular sensitivity to ionizing radiation

A PhD position (65% TV-L13) for a highly motivated PhD student is available immediately at the Institut für Pharmakologie und Klinische Pharmakologie, Düsseldorf, Germany. The research project aims to achieve a better molecular understanding of key molecules that determine the cellular response to ionizing radiation and thus radiation sensitivity with the goal of providing a scientific basis for effective response modulation.
The successful candidate will join a young and dynamic research team in the analysis of the matrix molecule hyaluronan in stem cell-tumor interaction in response to ionizing radiation. We employ a wide range of techniques, including mouse genetics, cell biology, live cell imaging and FACS to study how cell-matrix signaling regulates the structural organization of the tumor and tumor-stroma interactions in cancer and metastasis.

Furthermore, the project is part of the GRK 1739 based in Essen. The program provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary training in radiation biology and oncology, molecular and cell biology, physiology, pharmacology, and experimental medicine. It will also cover complementary professional competencies, such as career planning, bioethics, scientific integrity, and presentation skills. Together with regular supervision and mentoring, this training will allow its graduates to efficiently develop into independent scientists with broad knowledge in biomedical sciences and specialized knowledge in radiation biology and radiation oncology.


The applicant is required to hold an excellent, recent masters degree/diploma in molecular biology, biochemistry or a related field, as well as strong written and oral communication skills. Experience in one of the following methodologies: mouse genetics, cell biology, live cell imaging is an advantage.

How to apply

To apply, send a single PDF file containing a CV, references with contact information, and a statement outlining your interests and relevant work experience to Katharina Röck, For further information about the institute see

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