PhD in genome architecture (Austria) ~

3 de agosto de 2015

PhD in genome architecture (Austria)

Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna, Austria. Evolution of genome architecture

We are seeking a PhD student to work on the factors that have resulted in higher order genome architecture.

Genomes of ancestral plants show little differentiation in their spatial organization in contrast to flowering plants. The main aims are to determine the origin of this change in genome architecture during plant evolution and investigate the advantages conferred. We will use Marchantia and other related land plant ancestors as models.

The PhD project may involve a combination of genomics, molecular evolution, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and state of the art microscopy depending of the student main interest.

Our laboratory will provide funding but the student will need to be qualified at the Vienna Biocenter
PHD program and should follow the application at

Experience in bioinformatics and/or molecular evolution would be a bonus.

Interested applicants please submit: 1) a brief cover letter outlining your research interests, 2) a comprehensive CV, 3) academic transcript and 4) contact details of two referees (previous research supervisor).

Closing date for applications is 01 October 2015

For further information and to submit an application, please contact:

Dr. Frederic Berger


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