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7 de agosto de 2015

Volunteer field technicians with amphibians and reptiles in Madagascar

Application Deadline – applications will be accepted until position is filled

We are seeking two volunteer field technicians to assist research conducted under Dr. Brett Scheffers in the Global Change Ecology and Conservation Lab at the University of Florida. This project studies arboreal herpetofauna (amphibian and reptile) assemblages in Madagascar (more details will be
provided to interested applicants) and will use these data from rainforest canopies to address novel questions in ecological theory.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain extensive field experience with amphibians and reptiles in Madagascar. Field assistants will learn an array of animal and environmental sampling techniques as well as survey techniques for sampling in rainforest environments and the rainforest canopy.

Independent research projects will be encouraged and supported. Data collected from all elements of this project will be available to field technicians and developed with the Scheffers lab for publication.

Volunteers will be spending their time in Ranomafana National Park and working with local researchers on this project. Part of the time will be spent at Valbio Research Centre. Centre ValBio, a world-lcass research station, works to protect Madagascar’s unique and biologically diverse ecosystems through conservation science and projects that directly benefit the local people, including rural health care delivery.

Position will be held from November 2015 – January 2016. Start and end dates are flexible. This is a volunteer position, however all within-country expenses will be covered.


•       BSc or MSc in Environmental Science or related field is preferred
•       Prior rock climbing or tree climbing experience
•       Hard working (must be willing to spend several weeks sleeping in tents
without electricity, no hot water for bathing, simple food, etc.
•       Preferably not afraid of heights as you WILL be required to climb and
sample trees
•       Must be capable of maintaining a positive attitude under stressful conditions
•       Must be capable of critical thinking and working alone
•       Able to work long days (8-14 hours) in the field under variable weather
conditions (lots and lots of rain, cold and hot weather, etc)
•       Prior experience in analyzing data and writing scientific papers
•       Enthusiastic and positive

For more information please contact Brett at brett.scheffers@ufl.edu.Please include a brief cover letter stating why you are interested in this position, identify your long-term career goals, and please also include your CV.

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