Join a New SCB Working Group on Conservation Genetics ~

21 de octubre de 2015

Join a New SCB Working Group on Conservation Genetics

My name is Soraia Barbosa and I’m a PhD student at CIBIO/InBIO from Porto University and at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University.

I am promoting the creation of a new working group, ‘Conservation Genetics’, which is a topic many feel still is underrepresented within the Society. Some of the reasons why genetics is frequently disregarded in conservation studies, especially when its contribution would be of great value, appear to be related with lack of communication between areas of knowledge. Thus the goal of this group is to promote the use of genetics in conservation biology: first by stimulating discussions about how current methodologies can be used to generate better informed conservation decisions, highlighting also their limitations; secondly, encouraging efficient communication between molecular biology and other areas of conservation - reaching out for researchers, users in the field, managers and the general public - identifying which topics are more meaningful for their research; and thirdly linking the outcome of the discussions with the needs of academic and non-academic conservation groups.

We’re looking to fill up the list with at least 20 members, so join us if you want to contribute to and benefit from this group! To know the specifics of our plan and/or join the group, please e-mail me to soraiabarbosa[at] and I’ll sent you a detailed version of the group goals and proposed activities. When joining the working group additionally send me your info: SCB MemberID, first and last name, country and e-mail.

Hope to hear from you soon!
All the best,

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