Postdoc in forestry (Uppsala, Sweden) ~

29 de octubre de 2015

Postdoc in forestry (Uppsala, Sweden)

Researcher/postdoc: Simulation of future forestry and population viability analyses The Swedish Species Information Centre is a national center for species and habitats. We contribute to a sustainable management of the natural resources by collecting, analyzing and make data available, and by describing and presenting facts about biodiversity. We interact nationally and internationally, with the benefit for conservation in focus. We are now recruiting a person who will work on simulation of future forest development as part of (meta)population viability analyses.

You will simulate forest dynamics and forest management at landscape or regional scales. This includes simulation of future scenarios and optimization. The simulations of the (meta)population dynamics of different species will be made simultaneously, in collaboration with the research
group’s ecologists. Formulation of scenarios and management strategies will be made together with the participating stakeholders. The simulations will be made with Heureka, which is a spatially explicit tool for forest planning, optimization and impact assessment ( The
research is funded by Formas.

Tord Snäll

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

ArtDatabanken/Swedish Species Information Centre
Box 7007, SE-750 07 Uppsala
Besöksadress: Bäcklösavägen 10
Telefon: +46(0)18-67 26 12, Mobil: +46(0)76-766 26 12

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