Summer shark research internship (South Africa) #myownsharkweek ~

30 de enero de 2016

Summer shark research internship (South Africa) #myownsharkweek

keep fin alive
How would you like a free month of shark research? We're offering 3 free places on our internship this year in June, July and August (one per month), to those interested in field research.

To be considered, email with 50 words to describe why we should pick you. Remember to include your contact details in the email and use the hashtag #myownsharkweek as the subject.

* Prize worth US $1,900 per person

* Includes: one month's accommodation, food, participation and airport transfers from/to George, South Africa. Does not include flights / travel to South Africa, travel insurance, leisure and outside activities

* Participants must be age 18+

Many thanks


Esther Jacobs Overbeeke
Keep Fin Alive Campaign

Tel: +27 (0)7974 35 457

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