Field Biologist - Raptor Monitor (USA) ~

25 de febrero de 2016

Field Biologist - Raptor Monitor (USA)



NaturEner is seeking to immediately fill several raptor monitoring positions for work year-round in Montana. Responsibilities may include:
Daily avian point counts from sunrise to sunset at pre-determined locations
Correlate visual observations with radar system detections to accurately identify raptors and improve trend associations, in effort to avoid avian collisions with wind turbines.
Call turbine curtailments daily during all monitoring hours
Data gathering; data entry; preparation of daily and weekly reports
Additional responsibilities and field surveys, as required


Successful candidates will work outdoors in the Shelby /Rim Rock area in Montana in and near the Glacier I, Glacier II and Rim Rock wind farms. These positions require fieldwork in extreme weather. Additionally, hours will vary, but will span the period between sunrise to sunset on most occasions.

Additional requirements:
Successful applicants must be available to start work in northern Montana (travel assistance provided) within two weeks of hire
Must provide proper personal field attire (for cold, wind, rain, snow, mud). Long pants and hiking or steel-toed boots are required
Binoculars are required
This is the second season of a pilot study. Daily duties and schedules can change with little to no prior notice. You must be flexible and willing to fulfill duties of the job on an as-needed basis
Field vehicles will be provided, but you must provide your own transportation to the work site

Applicants must be able to confidently and accurately identify soaring raptors at long distances with low light conditions using high powered optics. Workers may be required to learn to operate avian radar systems and determine raptor habitat use trends
Must be able to critically think about raptor movements and behavior related to environmental conditions
Highly motivated with excellent data management skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills
Must have demonstrated ability to work independently and stay alert for long hours in the field during periods of little to no avian activity
Detail oriented, resourceful, strong time management skills
Flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in schedule and/or work duties performed
B.S. or equivalent field experience in Wildlife Biology, Ecology, or Natural Resource management; however, candidates will be evaluated based on demonstrated knowledge and experience
Proficiency with MS Office and ArcGIS

Commensurate with experience
Full benefits package

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