PhD in Evolution of sex chromosomes in squamate reptiles (Prague, Czech Republic) ~

20 de febrero de 2016

PhD in Evolution of sex chromosomes in squamate reptiles (Prague, Czech Republic)

A position for a PhD candidate is currently open in the laboratory of Dr. Lukas Kratochvil, Department of Ecology, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The successful PhD candidate will join our current projects on the study of the evolution of sex chromosomes in squamate reptiles with molecular and cytogenetic methods. 
Project description: 
The aim of the project is to examine the evolution of sex chromosome and their homology based on gene content in selected lineages of squamate reptiles (eg. lizards and snakes). 
Squamate reptiles possess lineages with either XX/XY, ZZ/ZW or temperature-dependent sex determination systems. Despite the recent advantages in the field, our knowledge about the sex determination systems and sex chromosome homology is limited only to few groups of reptiles (eg. iguanas, advanced snakes), while the majority of reptilian lineages remain unstudied. 

The successful candidate will collaborate with the other team members and will study the evolution of sex chromosomes in a multidirectional approach, involving cytogenetics (eg. FISH, chromosome painting), molecular genetics (eg. qPCR) and bioinformatics (eg. transcriptomics). More information about our current research activity can be found in the following publications: 

Qualifications: The applicant should possess Master degree (or equivalent title) and has a proven expertise in a related field of biology: evolutionary biology, cytogenetics, phylogenetics, genomics and/or bioinformatics. Previous experience in herpetology is not necessary. 

The ideal candidate should be scientifically motivated, able to work both independently and as a part of the team and should have a publication record. High standard of spoken and written English is required. 

Application: The applicant should send a letter explaining your background and motivation, a full CV and contact information for two references to:; 
The deadline for submission of applications is March 31, 2016.
Lukas Kratochvil 
Associate Professor Department of Ecology Charles University in Prague 
Faculty of Science Vinicn?? 7, 128 43 Praha 2
Tel.: +420 221 95 1745

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