Postdoc in Ecological Modeling (Norway) ~

5 de marzo de 2016

Postdoc in Ecological Modeling (Norway)

The Post-doctoral Research Position has its home at the Department of Forest and Climate which is part of the Division of Forestry and Forest Resources .

Job description

The post-doctoral candidate will participate in a research project that aims to better understand the role of boreal forest management in the mitigation of climate change. He or she will work as part of a multidisciplinary team that quantifies and predicts the influence of management intervention on the mechanisms regulating local and global climate.

The position will be mainly based in Ås, Norway.

Main duties and responsibilities
The position-holder will investigate empirical relationships between forest management and forest structure and its influence on the biological controls governing the exchanges of moisture and energy with the atmosphere. He or she will contribute to the development and evaluation of models for predicting the effects of forest management intervention on surface energy and moisture balances, and will work closely with project partners to evaluate parameterizations in leading land surface modeling schemes. The position-holder will be responsible for managing large geo-referenced datasets and publishing in high-ranking journals.

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