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18 de marzo de 2016

Volunteer field assistants in ornithology (Dominican Republic)

Volunteers Needed for Second Half of the 2016 Season!!!

TWO volunteer field assistants needed for a study of ecology of colonial, cooperative breeding
and foraging behavior in the Hispaniolan Woodpecker in the Dominican Republic. Field research
assistants will participate in data collection during an intensive ~3.5-month field season.
Assistant duties will include (but are not limited to) nest monitoring, focal behavioral
observations (including nest watches and foraging records), assisting with tree-climbing, color-
band reading, nest-searching, assisting with bird capture and processing, and data entry. I am
currently looking for:

TWO volunteer assistants needed to arrive between 15 and 30 April (flexible) and remain until
~30 July. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled, but preference will be given to
those submitted by 26 March.

Please read the full position announcement for more details:

Application instructions:
Please send:
1) a cover letter (1 page) detailing your interests and career goals and how you see this
internship fitting in with them,
2) a resume or CV (keep it to relevant details),
3) an unofficial transcript (or simple list of courses and grades on a spreadsheet), and
4) the names and contact information (email and phone) of 3 references (ideally with some
experience with how you work in a research/field context). Please also indicate the nature of
your professional relationship to EACH reference (e.g., field supervisor, academic advisor,
professor for a class, etc.).
Contact: Joshua B. LaPergola email: jbl96 AT cornell.edu

Joshua B. LaPergola, M.S.
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
Cornell University
W343 Seeley G. Mudd Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Cornell office ext. 4-4370
contact in Dominican Republic: 829-321-8582

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