PhD in evolution of vision in cichlids (Czech Republic/Cameroon) ~

22 de abril de 2016

PhD in evolution of vision in cichlids (Czech Republic/Cameroon)

Last call: Ph.D. position at Department of Zoology, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Topic: Evolution of vision in West African cichlid fishes We are seeking a highly motivated Ph.D. student to join a project on adaptive molecular evolution of functional genes in freshwater fishes.

The selected Ph.D. candidate will be focused on adaptation of photoreceptor genes in endemic cichlid fishes distributed in deep crater lakes and rivers in Africa (mainly Cameroon). Evolution of visual sensory system will be approached by genomics and transcriptomics. The selected Ph.D. student will process already collected material, as well as has an option to actively participate in the field sampling in Cameroon.

Start: October 2016. Duration: 4 years.

Salary is composed of the full-time project position (192'000 CZK
annually) + standard university scholarship (will start at 75'600
annually and raise up to 115'000 CZK together with the progress of
the study duties), which in total corresponds to the average national
salary and sufficiently covers living costs in the Czech Republic.

Required: enthusiasm in biology, nature and science; fluency in
English; a M.Sc. degree in biology or related fields (or expected to be
finished until September 2016).

Desirable (but not necessary): previous experience with laboratory
work, especially molecular genetic methods; experience with research
projects evidenced by a (co)authorship of research papers or conference

Deadline: already 20th April 2016 (last call).

All questions and applications (CV + half-page motivation letter)
should be sent directly to Zuzana Musilova ( -
preferred ,

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