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26 de abril de 2016

Técnico de investigación en arrecifes de coral (Hawaii, USA)

Aloha All,

We are hiring a full-time research technician in the Gates Lab at the Hawaii Institute of Marine biology! If you love corals and reefs, are hard working, and work well in a team, please consider
applying to work in our group! Details and link to the application are below:

HIMB Research/Lab Services Technician
Job ID: 16218
Closing date: 05/06/2016

DUTIES: Supports research to investigate responses of coral reef ecosystems to environmental
stressors including increasing temperatures and ocean acidification. Participates in daily
maintenance of experimental tank systems and treatment conditions. Performs calibrations on
various types of sensors and pieces of equipment necessary for carrying out temperature and
ocean acidification stress experiments. Receives, stores, and maintains lab supplies, chemicals,
and equipment. Carries out general lab training. Supervises Undergraduate Assistants. Assists in
fieldwork (using snorkel) including coral collections and transplants and performing video
transects relating to various projects.

PRIMARY QUALIFICATIONS: EDUCATION/TRAINING: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited
four (4) year college or university in Biology or Chemistry. EXPERIENCE: One to three (1-3)
years of seawater chemistry experience or experience with physical oceanography. Experience
with various types of sensors used in marine environments.

For more information and to apply, visit:

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