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2 de abril de 2016

Técnico de investigación (Suiza)

The Division of Evolutionary Ecology in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Bern is focused on identifying the genetic and molecular mechanisms that underlie evolutionary processes. We use the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) fish as a model system to identify genetic and genomic mechanisms that underlie phenotypes that contribute to adaptation and speciation. Our studies utilize a combination of high throughput molecular and cytogenetic  techniques, animal work in the laboratory, and fieldwork.

We offer the position of a Technician, 100 %

In addition to overseeing our stickleback fish facility, the technician
will assume responsibility for independent work on research projects,
assist in the design of experiments, and in troubleshooting methodological
problems. This position will be for 1 year, with the possibility of
extension for 1 year given satisfactory performance.

The ideal candidate will possess the following minimal qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in Biology or equivalent qualifications
- Several years of stickleback husbandry experience
- Ability to perform standard molecular procedures (DNA preparation,
PCR, genotyping and sequencing) in a high throughput manner
- Experience in molecular cytogenetic methods
- Experience with library preparation for next-generation sequencing
- Computing skills (Microsoft office, R)
- Fluency in English (written and spoken)
- Ability to work independently

The applicant should be extremely organized, work well with others,
have a willingness to learn, and be able to participate at many levels
in the laboratory.

The position will be availabe from 1 August 2016.

Please apply by email (cpeichel@fhcrc.org) with a cover letter and
curriculum vitae by 15 April 2016

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