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9 de junio de 2016

Oferta de doctorado estudiando adaptación en pingüinos (Italia)

PhD position in population genomics and adaptation in penguins

We are looking for a highly motivated student interested in investigating the evolution of cold-adapted traits in the Emperor penguin using genomic, ecological and physiological data. The PhD position is provided by the Molecular Ecology group at the University of Padova (Unipd), Italy, but in close collaboration with the University of Ferrara (Unife), Italy, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/University of Strasbourg (CNRS-UniStra), Strasbourg, France and the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM), Monaco.

The PhD student will be part of a stimulating, international and
interdisciplinary network, acquiring expertise on population and adaptation
genomics at Unife/Unipd and on ecology and physiology, including
proteomics, at CNRS/CSM. The candidate must of course be willing to spend a
substantial amount of her/his working time at these different institutions.
The PhD student will also have the opportunity for direct sampling
experiences in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic territories.

The supervision of the student will be shared by Celine Le Bohec at
CNRS/CSM, Emiliano Trucchi and Giorgio Bertorelle at Unife, and Leonardo
Congiu and Lorenzo Zane at Unipd. Please contact us for further details on
the different aspects of the project.

The position is for three years. The net monthly salary offered by the
Italian PhD programme is ca. 1,000 Euros. This salary is increased by 50%
during the time spent at non-Italian partners.

Please, submit online your application before June, 17, 2016 (1 pm local
time) at the web address: https://pica.cineca.it/unipd/dottorati32/
("Dottorati di ricerca XXXII ciclo - a.a. 2016/17 / Call for admission to
the PhD Courses 2016/17"). Follow the instructions and, in the online
application form, select the PhD Course in “Biosciences” and the curriculum
in “Evolution Ecology and Conservation”. Select the option with a
scholarship but do not select any of the four available “temi
vincolanti/research topics” at this stage. When preparing the cv to be
uploaded in the system, start with a statement of interest where you
specify the project you wish to apply to, that is “Genomics of extreme
adaptations to life in the Antarctic”. For more details, please check at
http://dottorato.biologia under the list of potential research projects and
supervisors for 2016, clicking on " Evolution, Ecology and Conservation "

For further information on the application submission, please contact

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